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Communicating Science

Integrate 2-hour to multi-day workshops into your graduate programs, professional societies or research institutes to help students to senior scientists communicate passionately, effectively and confidently with others.

Once the presentation is outlined, slides created and the talk scripted out, what do you do? You perform! Our coaching develops your personal style of scientific presentation. 

If you aim to foster a fearless exchange of ideas, collaborative projects or functioning networks, our Improv for STEM Professionals workshop helps the magic happen.

What stories do your experiments and data tell? What elements of a story can be used in creating scientific talks? What are the messages that you want to convey, and how can they be heard?

Group Mentoring and Coaching

Give your principal investigators the collaborative communication and mentoring skills they need to engage and lead diverse research teams.

improvscience mentoring workshops improve participants' capacity to mentor students from diverse backgrounds through collaborative communication. Faculty play a critical role in shaping the direction, culture and productivity of their research group. Yet, advancing research while developing students from a variety of socio-economic and educational backgrounds is challenging.

How do you take your “team” of exceptional individuals and create a functional collaborative group? Functional groups work as creative ensembles.

Faculty Professional Development

Give your research and teaching faculty a half day training to develop their ability to foster scientific discussion, and design inclusive curriculum for their classrooms and research groups.
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