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Communicating Science

Scientists are communicating about their work on a regular basis: in lab meetings, conferences, professional networking and public outreach events. improvscience creates workshops in which scientists can learn how to quickly build rapport, respond to and build with an audience. They learn to communicate effectively and confidently.

The Living Improv Experiment (LIvE) is improvised entertainment featuring scientists' lives. The performers, scientist-improvisers, highlight and celebrate who scientists are as people, as members of scientific communities and as members of our larger culture.

If you aim to foster a fearless exchange of ideas, collaborative projects or functioning networks, our Improv for STEM Professionals workshop helps the magic happen.

How do you take your “team” of exceptional individuals and create a functional collaborative group? Functional groups work as creative ensembles.

Once the presentation is outlined, slides created and the talk scripted out, what do you do? You perform! In these workshops, participants receive coaching and develop their confident professional style of scientific presentation. 

What stories do your experiments and data tell? What elements of a story can be used in creating scientific talks? What are the messages that you want to convey, and how can they be heard?

Do your slides support the story you are telling? Do they focus your message and tell your audience what is important, necessary to know?  

Group Mentoring and Coaching

Mentoring and coaching are essential to developing a diverse pool of talented scientists. improvscience brings executive coaching to graduate students and postdocs, building the communication, collaboration, and leadership skills that strengthen a growing career.

Creating your professional career and managing life go beyond a checklist of academic requirements. What is needed is being able to see and make choices on behalf of your growth and the growth of those around you. So, where do you develop this ability and a set of professional perspectives?

improvscience mentoring workshops improve participants' capacity to mentor students from diverse backgrounds through collaborative communication. Faculty play a critical role in shaping the direction, culture and productivity of their research group. Yet, advancing research while developing students from a variety of socio-economic and educational backgrounds can be challenging.

Faculty Professional Development

improvscience trains researchers and educators in the development of their ability to lead groups, foster scientific discussion and communication, design inclusive curriculum and advance their careers.

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